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Computerless days

and the long chatless nights
The songs are too sharp
and the city shines bright.

The foxes are yipping,
It's not quite the loneliest sound.
Went out with a camera,
and that's when they all went to ground!
There's four little cubs,
When they flee it's the funniest thing.
But I did my duty,
'Cos no-one can sleep when they sing.

I can't get a picture
the lighting is wrong for the flash.
It's best that the cubs learn
that bothering humans is rash.
a flash-photo startles,
so playing cubs may become rare.
But worse could be waiting
if they go on yapping out there.

(There's a real risk that a fox-cull may be coming because of the fearless beast; it's the beast's attitude that scared people - so using the camera to scare the cubs seemed the best way to stop them from being fearless. The flash camera caused a mini-panic.

I feel so cruel, but a cull would take about 70% of the foxes.

The cubs are tiny, cat-sized but fubsy; very, very cute. The fearless animal that gave me the slithering creeps about three weeks ago was very much bigger and so much darker that I'm pretty sure it's not related to them. I'm hoping that the resident pair have sent him on his way.)
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Once again, I was asleep and was woken by ... sounds. This time it was a scraping, bumping sound that was clearly just outside my window. It sounded very much like a peeping Tom.

That used to bother me, especially when I could never get to the window fast enough to catch the culprit - but one night the sounds went on, and I looked down to see the big dog-fox scrabbling behind the flower-pot directly below. After that the sound was vaguely reassuring; rats and mice that are on the fox-menu aren't trying to get into my home.

I found the sound doubly reassuring for the first few seconds because I connect it with the old fox; (the nicely mannered, silent, appropriately behaved beast who was wary of humans.) Then the brute started to whimper and ululate as it roamed ... From the sounds it then bounced off the railings and then probably tried for a cat about 10 minutes later.

From the sound-track it's now wandering about just outside. I haven't seen it but it might help if I had a telephoto lens. If this is distemper there should be signs by now.

Update; when I wrote the above I actually wrote that I wished I could get a photo of the noise-maker; then I remembered that my camera wouldn't do it unless I was close enough to the beast to be only a fox-leap or two away from it. Or closer.

So I thought, "be careful what you wish for" and edited the entry.

(However, I had wished.)

So I didn't take my little camera into the bedroom.

So when the bumps, yips and other sounds seemed to be right outside I didn't go and get the camera before looking out of the window.

So I missed getting some lovely pictures of three healthy, well-grown fox-cubs playing right outside my bedroom window - yipping and warbling and making cat-like sounds, especially when carooming off the railings!

By the time I thought of the camera again they'd gone racing away down to the other end of the road.
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I blogged the story of the midnight foxes on the 7th May, but I haven't told it locally because the neighbours were away and there were no witnesses to an odd story. I really wondered if I'd been dreaming after my own experience, it was quite like a nightmare I used to have.

The man who contacted me urgently on Friday did so because I'm the secretary of the Residents Assoc. He then e-mailed me to confirm his statement )


Since his phone call and e-mail I've been ringing everyone I can think of, but Council, RSPCA, Dog Warden and Police all say it isn't their problem.

Two incidents (that I know of) ten days apart. (I hadn't told anyone; I've been housebound following another flood for much of it.) I suspect there may be others and people just kept quiet about them because they didn't expect to be believed.

The incidents took place on either side of the old peoples home. (Whats the betting the lair is in the grounds?)
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It happened as midnight turned...

I suffer from insomnia and badly broken sleep but I'd been sleeping at night for some weeks. Even the clocks going forward didn't change the new 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. routine, until something woke me just before midnight on Thursday night.

I tried but I could not get back to sleep.

cut for length and disquieting stuff )
The whole thing was so peculiar that I found myself wondering if I'd dreamed it, after I'd finally slept (at about 5 a.m.) and then woken at about noon. When I checked the phone my record confirmed the calls.

Normally I wander about out there at night as happily as a vampire, owl, but it's 5a.m. and I must admit that I'm hesitating about taking out the trash. Anyway, that's my next job before I make another attempt at sleeping.


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