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The second was a pirate of a mouse,
a swaggering brute who saw no need to truckle,
Who ran upon the worktops without fear,
and stole the bread with flair and with swashbuckle.
(that's when I bought the traps,
That kitchen's mine!
Two females in a kitchen won't agree
I got the traps and baited them with care,
and somehow never doubted she was she
(and in one day I caught the family.
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I thought there was only one mouse,
(that was my first mistake.)
It turned up while I was Chatting, and we nicknamed it Fival.
(That was my second mistake.)

Fival was almost cute. He was sitting there washing his little face, looking up...
I was looking down, trying to glare as though he'd defaulted on the rent...

I got a lot of strongly scented polish and air-fresheners.
Fival held his nose and moved next door (looking indignant.)

The man next door got a lot of break-back traps.
Fival may have tried to move back in with me.
(There are worse things than a strong smell of vanilla)
Fival may have thought that someone who wouldn't harm him intentionally
Couldn't harm him accidently. (That was his first mistake.)
I went out in a hurry, slamming the door open.
Fival must have been hidden in the hinge of the security gate.
(That was his last mistake.)

I felt so guilty when I buried him,


I thought there was only one mouse,
(That was my first mistake................)
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I think the mice are clog-dancing.
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That is 6 pounds in weight in 11 days. (It may be deceptive. It varies day by day and it just happened that today it was surprisingly low. Assuming that it's even possible I wonder how long it's safe to maintain that rate of loss?)

There is probably no way I can produce the copies that the soliciter demanded by this Monday - or probably by next. I'm concentrated on cleaning for the SS inspection - also on Monday. Mouse )

One of the things that used to surprise me is how catlike mice are - one of the traits is that as soon as the territory is vacant the next one moves in. I do hope my next roomie doesn't pull any stunts that the SS can blame me for.


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