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There is heavy snow (deep and crisp and even more inconvenient than rain - and now I've written that I know I'm old. This is snowman weather.)

Because the little second-hand Legend is now very vulnerable to weather (and since I can get into shops with it it's also more useful than the big 'un,) the big 'un is outside under tarp.

There were a lovely set of fox tracks leading to the running board this morning. Crisp and clear, pads forward. No tracks leading away. So, knowing there was probably a fox (or, just possibly, the huge Siamese stray) on the running board under the tarp I was tactful about brushing the snow off the tarp before it got into the works.

No beastie exited on the side with the tucked-up tarp that I'd tactfully left clear as an escape route. The tracks led to the scooter. No tracks led away from the scooter.

I suppose it's just possible that a fox got underneath - but I couldn't smell fox and the ones around here clearly don't use deoderant. I can't imagine a cat hiding under the scooter, much too snowy and damp (the Siamese has used the dry cave on the running board, under the tarp, in the past.)

A friend has just reminded me how to distinquish fox and cat tracks - and I'm fairly sure it was fox. The snow was deep and unmarred but for the crisp tracks, I don't trust my memory enough to be sure how many toes. There were no marks of a brush but the snow was deep - the cat would have shown tail drag and probably belly fur. The stride was much too long for a cat, and the feet were placed differently. Next door's mini-dog couldn't have managed that stride (and I don't think her legs are long enough for half that stride) and whatever it was came up the scooter and vanished...

I hope it's not the Westway Phooka.
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I've been completely swamped (and none too well) for a long time and I'm not sure if I'll ever catch up. I may only have fragmentary memories of some of it. That can be a bad sign. (Oh well, write those and the rest may come.)

I moved quite a short distance, but my new surroundings are very different. There is an old-fashioned, open wet-fish shop on the corner, here. Some years ago I read that vultures have no sense of smell. They tested it by leaving bait in clear sight - the vultures gathered, circled, fed. The scientists then covered the bait (which presumably smelled strongly by then) and no vultures came.

Gulls may be different. On some mornings it's like being on the coast; the seagulls mew on the rooftops and haunt the area of that fish-shop. (I suppose they can see the fish. It's just tempting to assume that they follow the scent because they are in the area where it is strongest. The gulls pass over my new home but they don't settle. OTOH, there is a taller block at about the same distance from the shop, and I suspect that the birds want that as a cliff-face.)

I heard several varieties of birds here, during the nesting season, but I don't see them and a fat-ball was ignored.


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