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I had a nightmare and woke at 3a.m. When I tried to write it down I somehow produced what follows. It's a hommage to "First they came for the Communists" and it may be what I got for sleeping with the TV on.

It looks as if Tony Blair may go. The opposition, the Conservatives, have already made it plain that, if elected, they intend to repeal the Human Rights Act, "get rid of all that politically correct nonsense" and put other races, women and the disabled back in their places (places to be defined by the elite group. While that is nightmarish in itself people perceive what they want to perceive.)

In The Grassroots.

When they came for the gypsies we did nothing. Gypsies are a dirty, thieving bunch and our lives would be better without them. (Most of us cheered.)

When they came for the foriegners we did nothing, it was necessary for national security (and there will be more jobs and housing for the rest of us. Some of us cheered.)

When They came for the drug dealers several of us cheered. We thought it would be just those yobs selling drugs to the kids on street corners (and maybe the high society dealers, if They were willing to take that on.) We hadn't realised that anyone who used drugs would deal them, not until They told us - and some of those picked up surprised us. But They had the medical records, They would know.

When They came for the prostitutes there was a muted note to the cheering. Some of us had doubts. I suppose it was because they investigated every woman over thirty - I thought it was because they would have gone through the Permissive Society. Some people said that those had been the Womans' Libbers. There were jokes about it.

When They came for the disabled there were a few sounds of applause. After all, what can people like that contribute? They need get proper treatment, and be with their own kind, and those who can't be cured should be allowed death with dignity. It's the same with the very old who don't have families, as They pointed out.

When They came for the graduates it didn't seem to affect most of us - and weren't most of our Leaders graduates themselves? (It's a pity, though, because They took the woman who used to write the complicated letters and forms for us, when we needed them. She was quite old and she wasn't married, so maybe it was under some other section of the regulations Legislation. Someone said that she'd written too many letters for her neighbours when They took the autistic kids.)

I don't know why They came for me. They don't tell us anything, in here.


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