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Insurance on Untrusty Steed, my comfortable, fast, smooth-ride (unreliable) Kensington S11 Mobility Scooter ran out on the 17th. The ordinary insurance can be renewed but the Warranty policy cannot, because she's 7. I hadn't known that.

I'd just paid out £300 for new batteries. Her tax and licence run out next week, too. I was put under a lot of pressure to part-exchange her for younger used machine. My old Kensington S11 is/was a character, a kind of mechanical pet. (The back-up machine, Legend, is a reliable, uncomfortable machine.)

Anyway, we switched the contoured, supportive seat from the Kensington to the Legend to try to give me the best of both worlds. They took the Kensington and the Legend seat. (I was shocked at how distressed I felt. I kept remembering our last dog, who was elderly, injured and who had to be put to sleep just after N was born.)

Anyway I rode the Legend with the old Kensington seat on it to the supermarket and my lower back started hurting appallingly. It may be because the Legend has less leg-room, and it's a much bumpier ride (no suspension) so the moulded seat that was blissful comfort on the Kensington is torture on the Legend. No way to know for sure at this point.

I was ill and sick with pain right through weekend. Rang mobility consultants Monday to explain (near hysterically) and get them to hold everything. He was ready to come on Tuesday to change everything back. Then things got ... confusing.


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