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My old computer is a complete write-off. The hard disc cannot be read.

Unfortunately, I saved both e-mail and snail-mail addresses in that computer! I no longer have your addresses so please, would you mail them to me?

Oh shit!

Apr. 29th, 2006 09:53 am
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Consent sent to ICAS. Proxy sent to KHT. I was feeling good about finally getting organised now that the weather has warmed up enough to let me use the scooter. Now, I'm wondering about evil stars.

A few entries ago I was thinking about lightning and quietly thanking Heaven that there hasn't been sewage coming back up through the toilets since the first month in this block - and now? Waiting for the plumber because - guess what's happening ...?

Worse, I need to be in two places at once because my mobility scooter went over broken glass at about 6p.m. yesterday, after I'd posted the stuff (and at least I'd got to the bank. I'm going to need that money!) There was broken glass on the pavement. It blew a back wheel into a useless rag and the scooter had to be left in a shop a couple of miles away. I'm supposed to be travelling with a breakdown lorry to pick it up, about now. (Instead I'm still waiting for the plumber...)

It's just not a good couple of days, is it?
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An LJ friend wrote about being out in a storm when lightening struck the power lines above her!

lightning at Lonsdale )
The roof seemed fairly solid but I developed a real preference for being outside during thunder-storms.
Prayer at maisonette 17 )


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