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Woke up at 6 this morning feeling very well and, shortly afterward, I realised that my TV DVD recorder wasn't picking up any channels, so I retuned it. That worked perfectly.

Then I realised that the TV had started recording a TV show too soon. It had the last few moments of the programme before the one I wanted, then recorded what it was set to record but cut off before the end. It looked as though the clock needed resetting - but that can't be done. It had also lost an increasing number of channels so I contacted the manufacturer.

After following the helpline attempts to talk me through resetting it for two or three hours it had lost all the channels except the BBCs 1,2,3 and 4, plus all the Cbeebies. This was agreed to be an emergency. He booked the engineer for Thursday. I felt one of the 14 set-up stages hadn't looked right when we were trying to fix it and he agreed that nothing I could do to it was likely to make things worse by then so I reset it the way I thought I remembered it - and most of the channels came back. (It was a bit like a ditsy 1960 sci-fi where the cook fixes Multivac with a hair-grip.)

I wish I could think that this did fix it, but some channels are still missing and the mistimed recording is probably still a problem. The engineer rang in the afternoon; apparently now the visit is scheduled for Monday week, but I'd better recheck that.

Then the DVD recorder that I'd re-tuned, checked and watched working perfectly decided to go as dramatically doolally-tap as the TV had. That took a long time to fix and I was all on my own, unadvised, while I did it; it's fixed now (I hope.)

The pharmacy dropped in my prescription - and the GP had prescribed sharps, aspirin and a non-essential, and failed to prescribe insulin and other vital diabetes meds, plus blood-pressure med. Battle was joined and I got them.

By then I really felt like shredding some onething, so best that it was paper. It's time that I decluttered the files anyway.

It was entirely my fault when I jammed the shredder on a load of banking bumph. It took hours to clear it. (The machine proved to be incredibly tough - and it deserves a very good Amazon review.)

That was the day, that was...


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