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Computerless days

and the long chatless nights
The songs are too sharp
and the city shines bright.

The foxes are yipping,
It's not quite the loneliest sound.
Went out with a camera,
and that's when they all went to ground!
There's four little cubs,
When they flee it's the funniest thing.
But I did my duty,
'Cos no-one can sleep when they sing.

I can't get a picture
the lighting is wrong for the flash.
It's best that the cubs learn
that bothering humans is rash.
a flash-photo startles,
so playing cubs may become rare.
But worse could be waiting
if they go on yapping out there.

(There's a real risk that a fox-cull may be coming because of the fearless beast; it's the beast's attitude that scared people - so using the camera to scare the cubs seemed the best way to stop them from being fearless. The flash camera caused a mini-panic.

I feel so cruel, but a cull would take about 70% of the foxes.

The cubs are tiny, cat-sized but fubsy; very, very cute. The fearless animal that gave me the slithering creeps about three weeks ago was very much bigger and so much darker that I'm pretty sure it's not related to them. I'm hoping that the resident pair have sent him on his way.)
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"50 Shades of Fuchsia"

Clippers and nippers
and neat cross-wired braces,
keeping the branches
tied into their places,
gauntlets to deal
with the plants
that have stings
these are a few
of a gardener's things.

Hatchets and ratchets
and saws that cut meanly
little paint-brushes
to pollinate cleanly,
scalpels and duct-tape
are used in the craft
some kinds of roses
are really hard graft!

Greenfly may bite
There's some dry blight
but my hard work shows.
There's so many ways
one can ... discipline...plants
that only a gardener knows!
londonbard: walking tabby cat, (Tyger) (a getting there)
There is a great big thing like a giant, horror film, mutated flying scorpian-earwig with great long waving feelers zipping about so I can't sleep...

I don't mind spiders
I don't mind snakes
but that darned insect
gives me the ...
strongest feeling
to get my shoe
and slap the thing to
a blob of goo!

I've got my shoe in
my other hand
but I can't hit it
the brute won't land

(and it looks big enough to carry off the swatter...)

Question , What do you call a huge insect that looks like a flying scorpion, has long, waving feelers and keeps on trying to land on my skin and crawl into my cleavage?

Answer )


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