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October and the period running through my own birthday and the run-up to Christmas tends to be a bad time for me. I usually get ill, perhaps that has contributed to the fact that there is a network, a jigsaw, of bad anniverseries during those weeks.

(Possibly the most dangerous thing I can do during this period is to try to write fiction, or possibly to write anything against a deadline. I honestly don't know whether that would rule out any possibility that I could be a professional writer. To write to someone else's requirements is just not feasible during about 25% of the year[fairly predictably].)

Years back I talked to a doctor about it and was told that fever, (sleeplessless, high pain levels, etc. - plus, by this point, the effects of fluctuating blood sugar on the brain) all the effects of my physical disabilities also tend to break down mental barriers...

It turned out that I couldn't even write a nomination for a senior colleague until mid-last week (although state of computer/isp big factor in that.) Anyway, I managed it, and the secretariat has, predictably, taken it off the form that I wrote, typed it and worded it as though my work was done by a male job-sharer...
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The last few weeks have been ... indescribable, especially since I couldn't post as it went on. My computer would barely load, I couldn't access many sites and I can't replace computer or ISP just yet. (I think it will have to be both at once.)

A great deal has happened (to the extent that, if I someone told me I'd slipped off our dimension during Halloween and I'd spent years .... elsewhere I'd have trouble arguing with them.)

I'm going to have to work out what happened I may be able to try to sort out parts of what happened (if only to pick up parts of real life where it left off) but it seems likely to be in note form. It may also not be what people want to read. Please, if you find you are on any filter that you aren't comfortable with please tell me and I'll change that. (There were a bundle of private posts earlier - some stuff is repetative as I try to work things out.)


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