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Earlier in the year I was awake at 2 a.m. and heard strange noises outside. It sounded like someone digging the garden/a spade scraping against stone. (In a horror film someone would have been digging a grave - but here I'd have bet foxes, so I checked my clothes and possibly put on a coat and popped out to see what they were doing.)

There were two men standing together just beyond the garden railings, facing in. Both immediately
turned and headed away at a very fast walk, with very guilty body language. (Frankly, I'd have thought they were peeing, but there was no "period of adjustment" at all and their hands weren't near their relevant areas...)  There'd also been that sound - I just had a gut feeling about it so I rang the police.

 England still has 999 for police, fire and ambulance, but it's for emergencies; something like this is reported on 101. They told me a car was on its way and hung up while I was trying to say that the men behaving oddly had gone.  The car arrived very fast and they told me that Control had told them the men were breaking down fences! It isn't a fence; it's 14 foot metal railings. Nobody was likely to break those and they might be tricky to get over.

I was trying to tell them what had happened, especially that strange sound. I was saying it sounded like a spade/trowel against concrete and was trying to check the base of the railings. Neighbours came out and said it was foxes; police left so I went back in.

Next night I heard the sound again at about 2 a.m.; this time it lasted seconds - but I popped out to see very quickly. One of the men was crouching and, almost certainly, retrieving something from under the garden railings ...

(So, my guess, police car cruising around, two men (not youths) carrying something illegal decide to stash it down a side road; when the insomniac tenant goes into the garden they head away fast but can't run because of the police car. Police then arrive but don't investigate; one of the men returns 24 hours later and picks stash up.)

 I reported second incident to police - that one of the men came back and collected something - because I don't want criminals habitually hiding things at the edge of my garden (and the noise sounded like a trowel against the edge of the paving stones. How many people carry a trowel? They just might have intended to hide stuff there for someone else to pick up.)
finding due North with a watch, point the hour hand at the sun and spang between the noon and the minute hand is North. 


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