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I seem to have food poisoning or something. I have been compiling the stuff for the car crash solicitor for weeks, went out to post it today (and I think the package was incomplete. I will have to notify him of that. I'd be very surprised if I did that properly given the state I've turned out to be in.)

There were two meetings that I was urgently supposed to attend. Unfortunately the health-related one is monthly and the date of the next meeting is not decided at the time. The (funded) secretary gets in touch and tells us when it will be - and it always manages to clash with at least one other meeting (usually one that has to be attended by more than one delegate to both Committees.)

So it was this evening. I could't decide which one to attend and even that didn't warn me that I am not well. It was only after semi-collapsing and sleeping for some time (instead of attending either meeting) that I realised. I suspect that part of this is the revenge of the broken freezer. Once I realised what was wrong with it I also realised that those meals would have semi-thawed and refrozen - very probably more than once, but there wasn't much I could do about it by that point.

Now, of course, I wish that I had given changing doctors a much higher priority. That's something I might have managed - but probably not in time.
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THe Social Services inspection is over; I semi-collapsed, exhausted afterward and slept until now. (8p.m.) It's probable that I missed one dose of Metformin. Could even have been two.

Fasting Blood Sugar 7.1. ! (nearer normal)

I also had a pair of casual trews, used for gardening, etc. Never quite tight, jogger type, kept for comfort - when I looked in the mirror - well, I was in there somewhere! Very baggy. So much so that I tried and found I can now get both legs down one leg of those trousers.

I am starting to believe that it's real weight loss!

(I have missed water aerobics over and over, must try to make it on wednesday. However, hospital scan is tomorrow.)


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