Jun. 2nd, 2014 02:48 am
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Very severe flashes of light; I thought it must be migraine. Now includes or replaced by heavy floaters, in the right eye only.

Not sure if my own Sword of Damocles has started to fall, or at least slip. I was told to go to hospital if this happened so, if it gets worse, I'll phone them or go to their A & E.

Update; apparently the condition is caused by gel separating from the retina, inside the eye. Not painful, but these symptoms are identical to those of retinal detachment - after I got back from hospital I was trying to sleep in a pitch dark, curtain-closed bedroom. With my eyes closed the flashing was comparable to having a lighthouse just outside, or lightning flashing with every pulsebeat ...

Some time ago an F'lister found a large lump and wrote about boob-mice. There's something there to remind me, but it's difficult to describe - the process leaves "floaters", especially a tangled, dense thingy that looks and moves a lot like a jumping spider. (Creep, creep, cre... Hop! and it pounces on whatever I'm looking at.

Anyway, I'd better get used to the spyder or I might swerve to avoid something that isn't actually there. I've been very strongly warned not to fall. The tugging of the gel can detach the retina and a knock or a jolt could make the difference.

There may be other tricky after-effect. I evidently slept for 12 hours after returning from hospital - the downside is that they were from about 5.30 a.m. to 6p.m.

Anyway, I must start getting on with things - it looks as though there's a lot that I'll still be able to get on with.

Prayers of gratitude are top of the list.
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Saw specialist about arms. XRays; right elbow needs operation (hopefully under nerve blocks. More on this later.) Specialist seems sympathetic about adjustments to stop it being worsened.

 Might be chance of win7 laptop. Could anyone give me opinion on this OS? Updating by kindle is no​t easy.  Wish I'd taken it with me today, though. I was at the Hospital at the crack of dawn but didn't get home until about 4pm. 
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October and the period running through my own birthday and the run-up to Christmas tends to be a bad time for me. I usually get ill, perhaps that has contributed to the fact that there is a network, a jigsaw, of bad anniverseries during those weeks.

(Possibly the most dangerous thing I can do during this period is to try to write fiction, or possibly to write anything against a deadline. I honestly don't know whether that would rule out any possibility that I could be a professional writer. To write to someone else's requirements is just not feasible during about 25% of the year[fairly predictably].)

Years back I talked to a doctor about it and was told that fever, (sleeplessless, high pain levels, etc. - plus, by this point, the effects of fluctuating blood sugar on the brain) all the effects of my physical disabilities also tend to break down mental barriers...

It turned out that I couldn't even write a nomination for a senior colleague until mid-last week (although state of computer/isp big factor in that.) Anyway, I managed it, and the secretariat has, predictably, taken it off the form that I wrote, typed it and worded it as though my work was done by a male job-sharer...
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Insurance on Untrusty Steed, my comfortable, fast, smooth-ride (unreliable) Kensington S11 Mobility Scooter ran out on the 17th. The ordinary insurance can be renewed but the Warranty policy cannot, because she's 7. I hadn't known that.

I'd just paid out £300 for new batteries. Her tax and licence run out next week, too. I was put under a lot of pressure to part-exchange her for younger used machine. My old Kensington S11 is/was a character, a kind of mechanical pet. (The back-up machine, Legend, is a reliable, uncomfortable machine.)

Anyway, we switched the contoured, supportive seat from the Kensington to the Legend to try to give me the best of both worlds. They took the Kensington and the Legend seat. (I was shocked at how distressed I felt. I kept remembering our last dog, who was elderly, injured and who had to be put to sleep just after N was born.)

Anyway I rode the Legend with the old Kensington seat on it to the supermarket and my lower back started hurting appallingly. It may be because the Legend has less leg-room, and it's a much bumpier ride (no suspension) so the moulded seat that was blissful comfort on the Kensington is torture on the Legend. No way to know for sure at this point.

I was ill and sick with pain right through weekend. Rang mobility consultants Monday to explain (near hysterically) and get them to hold everything. He was ready to come on Tuesday to change everything back. Then things got ... confusing.
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Went to the dentist and at least that's over, scrapy thing and the nearly drill thing.

The Advocacy problem has actually got worse, though.
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That tummy-bug is still getting the casting vote on what I do.


blood sugar 12.8 - not good at all.
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Blood sugar has been hovering around 7+ and was 5+ the other day. This is A Good Thing.
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Blood sugar 6.7, which is nice, normal - and weird because I can't wake up...
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I've been trying to clear the place pre-possible re-location. I'm now convinced that pain in side is, indeed, sacroilliac. I've discovered something else - on present evidence I can "swim it into retreat." That means the swimming isn't just a healthy luxury, it's something that I should fight to keep if I can. (Either way, my life could improve.)


Apr. 11th, 2006 09:01 am
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Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.

I was out over the weekend, wondering when I got so glare-blind that I started going out only after dusk... Long enough pre-crash to have bought good wrapover sunshields - and to have forgotten them post-crash.

Got some kitchen stuff. It's a pity that those cheerful trays with the embossed fruit are no longer available. (I loved those but they weren't made to last, and they didn't.) The ones I've got are plain white and I don't much like them. Not keen on the glass counter-protectors, either - but they are more likely to fit the tastes of "support officers," etc. who are likely to be in and out, and they won't actually clash with the china.

(In any case, I'm starting to doubt my own taste. My colour perception almost has to be affected. It was always different in each eye and I'm not seeing well on the left. Normally I'd go for what looks good to me - I have to live with it - but the forces of officialdom are likely to be roaming... So plain white and plain glass with that silly printing. Predigested taste. I miss having a proper kitchen and complementry colours. My cooking isn't spectacular - but the plate would look really good with the curtains.)
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This was measured, dressed, on the merciless hospital scales. My scales seem to be fairly accurate or weighing heavy!

It also looks as though that part of the ghastly hospital multi-trek is over.
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I've kept tropical fish for a longtime and I think this one is turning back before she reaches the end of the aquarium! Recording it the old way may work better...

Doctor's appointment this morning ...
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and that is also this -

Convert kilograms to pounds
Enter kilograms
Value in pounds
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I rechecked and that is what the scales show.

Blood sugar 13.00 fasting, this morning (should be between 3 and 7)
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Convert kilograms to pounds
Enter kilograms
Value in pounds
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And the same today. I very much hope this will stay down - or, better, go down further. I'm fairly sure the hospital/Patterson's clinic won't take the evidence of my clothes!
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Maybe I know too many Americans? I just caught myself describing British Health Care with the words -

"it sucks like a great white shark that has been treated by a British Dentist." That may just about sum it up, though.
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It was a tough week - basically, it was almost a week i. at hospital, but mostly not technically as in-patient because it was something different every day. I am swamped and I will have to fill in the memory gaps. This is potentially important.

Tues. They put needles in the muscles of my legs and ran electric currants through them to test (neural transmission? Muslce power?) The painful toes would seem to have something to do with the muscles in my right leg (in front of shin? Is there a muscle there? Must be. Either that or they stuck needle into bone!) That seems to have been for Dr Ball. I don't remember too much about it. ...........................................................................


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