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I'm quite worried about writing that I'm back on-line; it may be tempting fate.

Things have been chaotic. Basically, electricity (or electric items), gas and broadband all developed problems. It appeared to be connected, but may not have been.

At this point, electricity seems stable. However, the Tefal washing machine was ruined; I've replaced it with a small plastic twin-tub that's really meant for camping/table-top. It's performing very well indeed. My mobility scooter has been examined and at least one part was replaced. It's running, but at a much slower speed; (re-charge ability still to be tested.)

The saga of the second-hand desk-top is still to be told.

The laptop failed, of course. Froze solid, hours of work followed by every anti-virus I could access (it's apparently infection-free.) That ate most of this month...

Most recently, there was a gas safety inspection that left me with no heating. This has happened in the past - the answer to, "What kind of safety inspector would turn off a sick person's heating in the middle of winter?" seems to be, "All of them." I've got the instructions on the complicated ways one turns it back on written down - and this time none of it worked.

The engineers came back on Monday. They couldn't turn it on, either...

Cutting a long saga short, the controls are electric; apparently it needed two AA batteries (that I provided) to start it all up. At the moment - well, nothing else that was working seems to have failed (except me.) The situation with the shower was moot, throughout, so testing that is most definitely next.

The printer prints, carbon monoxide alarm working. (Heat alarm and smoke detector? Ask Brigade?) Fridge and freezer worked throughout, so did microwave and hob.

The tropical fish need checking, one light failed (angel tank); it seemed to be the bulb but was really an apparently impossible fault in the connections in the lid. Next job, checking it all, lamps, heating, filters and every fragile little fin and fry; (dear reader, fry are baby fish, it doesn't mean I'm going to cook them for lunch.) I don't know what else might be wrong there.

Now, I should just hope that isn't ending on a cliffhanger.


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