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Jan. 7th, 2014 10:22 am
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I ought to have used the time off-line to make New Year Resolutions - this could be a very good time for them.
What I have been doing is faffing about with chores - and I forgot to take my insulin until 2a.m. this morning!  (Took 24u, just slightly under usual dose, because I'll have to try to bring the time forward, day by day, until it's nearer normal. 9.8 this morning.)
I did manage to re-glaze the big Juwal aquarium (it's a bodge but I hope I've done well enough. It wasn't leaking. This was a precaution because the mastic sealing it was very old, around 40+ years...) The job was overly adventurous because the top of the tank is just under the top of my shoulder when I am standing up. It's difficult to reach an arm in while standing on the floor.
I have been unable to stand up without severe pain ever since I fell backward, (Oct 11th) 2011. I most definitely can't stand on anything to do a high-level job. No way to take the metre-long aquarium down - so there was I, bobbing up and down out of my wheelchair like a hungry robin trying to reach a suspended feeder, slinging mastic at the glass... Time will tell whether I managed it.
I'd set the tank up when I moved here and, at that time, I planted it with some Cryptocorymes and what turned out to be various sizes of Vallisneria. (Normally my tank furnishings include rocks, mature driftwood, etc. but, when I moved here, my former landlord's movers stole everything not nailed down (and that may be an understatement.) That included the aquarium bits. I wouldn't have believed anyone would do that, but they were returned in 2011...
Anyway, under those circumstances there wasn't much choice about stripping it down. It's by far the oldest aquarium, never reglazed, been through three house-moves and more venues. (Other, younger tanks had sprung under less stress.)
After three years the plants were pushing each other out of the water. Three of the five keyhole cichlids have vanished without trace and so had three out of four cardinal tetras. All the Mountain Minnows are fine and there are many Platys.  Everything removed is outstandingly healthy; the plants just ended up crowding every inch of the "floor-space" in a tank with a low water-level.
It's now almost empty while the new mastic cures.
Would anyone in the UK like to exchange aquarium plants? I have all sizes of Vallis from mini to Gigantea and some nice medium sized crypts.  I'd be interested in anything slow-growing, especially Ballansae, Apologeton or Anubis, but I'll consider anything that has leaves rather than grass-like growth. (I want to breed some angelfish.)
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There are baby Kribensis in my aquarium! I was wishing that I knew how to take and upload a video but it may be as well that I don't. (These aren't my old Queenie's Line, that I bred for so long; those were reared by parents who knew me and they'd bring their babies out to show them off. However, the Kribensis bred from Old Queenie died in the endless move.)

The new Momma faked me out like a good 'un! Almost as soon as I saw them they'd vanished, but for one straggler. Mommared promptly picked him up and then wandered about for so long that I feared she'd swallowed him. (These are new parents and cichlids do often lose broods while learning.)

Then she popped under the wood into a likely spot for a nest (and I'd guess that a patient predator might have gone the fishy equivalent of "AHA!" and hovered outside or attacked the entrance.) After a few moments she nipped sneakily out of the other side and across the back of the aquarium at gravel level. She'd relocated them tucked away at the back. I wonder if she is from wild stock?


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