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Thank you so much for my birthday presents.

(I'm sorry I couldn't write this earlier.)
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I'm wishing a very happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, (and to all my friends everywhere, whether they celebrate Thanksgiving or not. May we all be happy, healthy and safe and have even more to be thankful for next year.)

We don't have an official Thanksgiving in the UK, but it's my friends that I feel thankful for - and many of them are on my Friends List here.

When I was younger they used to say, "You can't choose your relatives, but you can choose your friends" - and, of course, it wasn't really true. Choices were limited by who you met, and that could be very restricted indeed. Even in the 1970s, when I was a student, people tended to marry someone who lived within a mile of their own home.

I think people in villages felt that their social choices were too restricted, but people in London get moved around. Homes are sold, pulled down, re-allocated, etc... and families, communities, friendships and hearts got broken up in the process. It has been necessary to find a social place in a new settlement of strangers several times, (and, of course a percentage of those will always be predators - on-line or off.) Things may be bad again soon, when the new legislation forces people out of the more expensive areas. That kind of thing isn't good for people.

Our long-term friends can be a major influence on who we are and who we become.

(Sorry I've not done too well with this post - I've been ill for a month and my computer wasn't working much either, so I'm out of practice. Something happened to me around Halloween; it's almost as though I just got back from it! I can't believe that it's almost Christmas - I missed my own birthday and I'm still finding and opening the cards! I'm sorry that I haven't been posting and I also owe people thanks - you'll be hearing from me.)

Anyway, I'm very thankful for some of my LJ friends - it is a wonderful thing to have friends who are the pick of the planet!


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