Jun. 2nd, 2014 02:48 am
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Very severe flashes of light; I thought it must be migraine. Now includes or replaced by heavy floaters, in the right eye only.

Not sure if my own Sword of Damocles has started to fall, or at least slip. I was told to go to hospital if this happened so, if it gets worse, I'll phone them or go to their A & E.

Update; apparently the condition is caused by gel separating from the retina, inside the eye. Not painful, but these symptoms are identical to those of retinal detachment - after I got back from hospital I was trying to sleep in a pitch dark, curtain-closed bedroom. With my eyes closed the flashing was comparable to having a lighthouse just outside, or lightning flashing with every pulsebeat ...

Some time ago an F'lister found a large lump and wrote about boob-mice. There's something there to remind me, but it's difficult to describe - the process leaves "floaters", especially a tangled, dense thingy that looks and moves a lot like a jumping spider. (Creep, creep, cre... Hop! and it pounces on whatever I'm looking at.

Anyway, I'd better get used to the spyder or I might swerve to avoid something that isn't actually there. I've been very strongly warned not to fall. The tugging of the gel can detach the retina and a knock or a jolt could make the difference.

There may be other tricky after-effect. I evidently slept for 12 hours after returning from hospital - the downside is that they were from about 5.30 a.m. to 6p.m.

Anyway, I must start getting on with things - it looks as though there's a lot that I'll still be able to get on with.

Prayers of gratitude are top of the list.
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Hospital transport didn't turn up on Thursday. Appointment resheduled for Monday 30th Sept.


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