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There's a short article in the Telegraph stating that chocolate 'does not lift spirits'

Apparently "a paper published today in the Journal of Affective Disorders has concluded that eating chocolate is more likely to prolong feelings of depression rather than lift the spirits. Pleasure is derived from anticipation of the chocolate melting in the mouth rather than from any magical properties, and the same relief can be derived from cake, ice cream or crisps according to the report."

Somehow I feel that this wouldn't help people much. What I need to know is what kind of apple provides a feeling of well-being, pleasure and relief and counts as negative calories in a weight-loss programme!
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That is 6 pounds in weight in 11 days. (It may be deceptive. It varies day by day and it just happened that today it was surprisingly low. Assuming that it's even possible I wonder how long it's safe to maintain that rate of loss?)

There is probably no way I can produce the copies that the soliciter demanded by this Monday - or probably by next. I'm concentrated on cleaning for the SS inspection - also on Monday. Mouse )

One of the things that used to surprise me is how catlike mice are - one of the traits is that as soon as the territory is vacant the next one moves in. I do hope my next roomie doesn't pull any stunts that the SS can blame me for.


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