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I'm hoping that lj will let me post this to correct date. I will almost certainly have to refer to it later. TMO rewired bungalow over weeks. Electricity became erratic. Both scooter shed and computer affected (and/or broadband connection messed up again.)

TMO have fitted additional smoke alarm and a heat alarm, about 60 inches apart.

I think it was on this date that my combination ex-microwave caught fire. I saw it start. I switched off power (possibly extinguishing fire) and was disconnecting the lead when the alarms sounded - one much less than a yard from my right ear. It was like being hit with a hammer of sound and almost sent me falling headfirst into the wall. I continued getting the plug out of the wall and then got out.

(If I hadn't put it out the cupboard above it would have caught and the TMO's kitchen would have burned (as well as my remaining property.)

Once it was out I got out until the noise stopped, then called fire brigade (firefighters.) They checked for remaining dangers. I've complained a lot since; the alarms are apparently 85 decibels from 10 feet away - over limit known to be capable of causing permanent damage. Incredibly, this is legal

Really severe ringing in my ears lasted until end of Jan/1st Feb. The right ear then bled a bit and the ringing stopped.


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