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There’s an alien
at the bottom of our garden.
It told us that it was a compost bin.
I saw a neighbour go out with some veggies
I never saw her put the compost in.
We haven't seen her since a week come Friday.
She never told us she would go away.
The bin glided off a'waving of a lazer,
and all its tinny friends are out to play.
There's these funny looking dustbins having fun
My garden plot is not a happy one!
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Godmodders here need not apply,
You will be booted, by and by.
Player, thou shalt not NPC,
thy neighbours characters, and see,
Thou shalt not, though thy hormones rage,
write smut in my game, underage.

Although you feel the posts do plod,
Thou shalt not undermine the Mod,
Nor set time limits that we dread,
But answer always in thine thread.
Don't fear that we will call you spammer,
But post thou in a timely manner.
and if you hope we will adore thee,
weekly or better, we implore thee.
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There's a short article in the Telegraph stating that chocolate 'does not lift spirits'

Apparently "a paper published today in the Journal of Affective Disorders has concluded that eating chocolate is more likely to prolong feelings of depression rather than lift the spirits. Pleasure is derived from anticipation of the chocolate melting in the mouth rather than from any magical properties, and the same relief can be derived from cake, ice cream or crisps according to the report."

Somehow I feel that this wouldn't help people much. What I need to know is what kind of apple provides a feeling of well-being, pleasure and relief and counts as negative calories in a weight-loss programme!
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When they sent the new probe to Venus
It was built to withstand the acid and heat of Hellfire.
Newsreaders joked to us that the deadly planet
Suffered an extreme form of global warming.
With caustic winds fit for a volcano’s heartburn,
And mists that would scorch the breath from a salamander.

When they sent the new probe to Venus
It slid around the atmosphere like a spoon through boiling soup,
Scientists cheered together as the cameras held
Transmitting back their images of sterile heat,
Of weathered rocks wind-scoured by lifeless sand.
Into strange shapes that rarely looked like gravestones.

When they sent the new probe to Venus,
It sent pictures home and they searched them like anxious parents,
Scientists looked at each other when one said, “A city!”
Then looked away and avoided each other’s faces.
Sending the camera drones in a dance 'round formations,
Speckled with gaps that could never be windows and doorways,

When they sent the new probe to Venus,
The stark impervious probe that had orbited hellfire,
Scientists said, “A pity the thing self-destructed,
Some unforseen glitch that shattered it there in its orbit.”
(Nobody saying, “But then, they would never believe us”.)
Most going on to involvement in other researches.


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