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The water was cut off throughout Tuesday, from 9 a.m. to 6p.m. We'd been warned, in theory - but the leaflets went to the wrong blocks and most of us thought that it wouldn't affect us. I'd filled containers in case.

The cut was longer than the warning had stated so I rang the Water-Board and was told they were fitting a temporary mains supply. It was cut off again overnight with no prior warning. (Apparently we had the original Victorian water mains. That figures.)

(It was probably because I'd been writing about the 1980s and 1990s that I kept expecting the power to go off, too. [Incidently, a kid of about 9 called it a Heath-cut and told me that's what her mother calls it. Local dialect? Oddly enough, Maggie Thatcher, a far more powerful PM, hasn't entered the language in the same way. Of course, TV has been discussing the three day week a lot. ]

Edited to add that I've realised I "had a feeling power might fail" because interupting the water supply led to a spilt pipe and flooding when it resumed a few weeks ago. The wiring channels run under the floor so = power failures. Neither kitchen or bathroom has natural light so I now have candles and lighters where I can find them in the dark.)

The water went off again this evening at about 7.30 - while I was filling the kettle. (So I missed Water Aerobics because there was no water...)

There was no warning of either of the evening water-cuts so I rang the Water Board again. Apparently they didn't know about the water was off. The supply was restored by about 11p.m. and I'm still wondering if the temporary main had failed. If it did I suppose we'll be having more cuts. The fishtank needs cleaning out but it doesn't seem like a good idea to do until I'm sure I can refill it.


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