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I'm usually glad that my birthday is so near Guy Fawkes Day - there is usually a party that goes with a bang! If it hadn't been for that it would have been a bit of an anti-climax.

It was one of the big milestones, one of the birthdays that ends in 0 and is a turning point - and it looked as though I'd turned the wrong way because I only got one card. (At least that was a from a friend and not a "thank you for using our service" from an organistion - or worse, "We are giving you a birthday gift of a discount if you take out our life insurance [or even funeral plan] on this happy day".)

That was ... I did wonder if people had lost track of me when I moved. (I went with a friend to a birthday tea and a public firework party, That was fun and I'm truly not fishing for sympathy.)

Anyway, my brother and his wife visited unexpectedly today and, after a slightly awkward pause, they asked if I hadn't liked my flowers. They then told me they'd sent flowers, a balloon, a card, etc. None of this had ever arrived.

So now I need to ask an odd question - did anyone send anything for my birthday? A card, socks, anything? It's not meant as a guilter, or a whine. My newish home is beautiful but it's a very unfriendly place and I'm now wondering if somebody intercepted deliveries.


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