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Life is complicated - flooding - electrics - as soon as I got back on-line for a few minutes there was more.

This hasn't done much for my house-keeping. The crock-pot was on the floor, out of its casing when it gave a tremendous CRACK! Two chips, one inside and one outside but not together or opposite each other - and a crack effectively dividing it into two halves. I searched everywhere around it, but nothing could have hit it.

It must have been imperceptibly damaged before this happened. I suppose it must have been.

I'm just thankful that it broke now; I had plans to go out and leave it brewing a nice hot soup for my return. If I'd done that it could have been very bad. I have the potential replacement but I'm not keen on leaving a new appliance unsupervised, just now.
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There are round little gremlins
behind the skirting boards,
There are small hungry pixies
and they build their hoards,

And they come out to wander,
when it's night (or day)
and if candy's around
it vanishes away.

They've a quick hand for sugar
and they like things neat
they take chocolates and toffees
and a stray boiled sweet...

Anything that's not
in a packet sealed up tight,
any little sweetie
gone by day or night.

All the little snacklets
left-out party treats
raisins and sultanas,
I relax - they eats.

There are round little gremlins
behind the skirting boards,
There are small hungry pixies
and they build their hoards.
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Adopt one today!............Adopt one today!

Adopt one today! .......Adopt one today!
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Proper shopping trip (when did I last..?) Anyway, got a 15 tog duvet, resisted celebratory chocolates and virtuously got a 5 varieties box of fresh sliced fruit but didn't look at that properly until I was almost finished eating it.

How on earth did even Sainsburys manage to get 25% of an adult's daily allowance of saturated fat into 5 chopped fruits?! Is it the coconut?
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[Error: unknown template qotd]1) No marriage, no children.

2) I've delivered a baby, saved a life, unintentionally swam with a shark that probably had plans for me (and probably accidentally traumatised it; story available on request.)
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The very vivid dream where I chain-smoked has faded but the desire/need craving for cigarettes lingers on. I have to write a sort of history and one aspect is why I didn't do something when I had the chance.

Dear Unconscious; if you are trying to remind me that, had I taken up S's offer, I would have been hanging out with very heavy smokers right after I'd quit (and I wouldn't have stayed quit) OK, I've got the message. It even bothered me to see Hobbits smoke pipeweed this evening and I so do not want to smell cigarette smoke. I stayed quit. I have self-control, I do - so now to control the craving, the constant, rodent-like need to chew, the automatic need desire for a smoke after eating (the desire that I didn't have last week.) And, BTW, Unconscious - curing all that is your job.

I haven't touched one for 22 years, so WTF?
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I haven't been able to write for a while and my dreams have been so unpleasant that, recently, I've woken exhausted and terrified but unable to remember.

The most recent wasn't in that class, I remember bits of it, al least. I dreamed that I had been writing to a Counsellor who had then visited me. As I semi-recall it I had been semi-honest about my life now. The nice housing (and my untidiness); I'd said I was a non-smoker (as I am in RL) but in the dream I sometimes had - well "just a couple a day." Yeah, right.)

Then she visited and, in the dream, I was living in a kind of converted railway carriage (a trailer home?) It looked straight from an episode of Hoarders. Piles of junk. Ashtrays overflowed. I was bewildered but trying to tell her that I didn't live there, that nobody could live there because there was no bed, that there must at least be a bedroom somewhere... (There was no kitchen or bathroom, either.)

Then I was alone in there, chain-smoking mentholated cigarettes. (I could taste them. I was experiencing it so strongly that I can almost taste them now. I've been a non-smoker for 21 years and 7 months and - it was too intense. I want a cigarette. It couldn't possibly have revived the physical addiction and the psychological will pass, I hope. I've beaten both in the past.)

Something was - moving in/under the mess. Then two well-grown kittens came out from under the couch. They actually seemed very healthy, strong and sleek, about 5 months old. (I'm not sure how I found out that there were 3; 2 very well camouflaged and a slightly ethereal ginger.)

Apparently my old tabby (a neutered male in the real world) had produced these months before and I hadn't noticed. I was trying to work out whether they'd used the litter tray, (and if not where...?) when I woke up.
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My beautiful walking cat has stopped moving. Please could anyone tell me how to fix that?

Your request has been filed. You can track the progress of your request at:

ETA; it healed on its own - as soon as I gave up and asked for help!

Edited to further add - and it stopped as soon as I added the above.
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Lady Martha of the Stewart Clan's Beltane Planner

April 1: Finalize guestlist for Beltane shindig. Decide that Al Gore
will be the May King this year, seeing as Bill was it last year.
Cross off Monica as possible May Queen, considering the fiasco from
last year. Perhaps Janet Reno would consent to being May Queen this
year? Have my people contact her people.

April 2: Check jousting fields out back and mow. Meet with vet at
noon for inspection of destiers.

April 3: Confirm the Skyclad Strolling Minstrels for the party. Make
paper for Beltane invitations out of papyrus growing in water garden.

April 4: Coven meeting. Channel Sybil Leek.

April 5-10: Fly to Ireland to collect the nine sacred woods necessary
for the Beltane fire. Meet with the Sidhe to arrange for special
guest appearances by the Dagda and Aengus. Have dinner with Bono et

April 11: Special guest appearance at the Temple of the Pleasant
Fabrics to discuss new ways to worship satin.

April 12: Meet with florist to special order flowers from Hawaii to
float in pool. Inspect back yard for poison ivy, spray with organic

April 13: Craft horn crown for the May King out of Sculpey. Craft
flower headdress for May Queen out of silk flowers specially ordered
from the Temple of Pleasant fabrics.

April 14: Send out invites for party, confirm Al as May King. Janet
backed out, have my people call Rosie's people.

April 15 : Beat tax accountant with flogger for not getting me a
large enough tax return.

April 16: Special guest appearance on Rosie. Confirm Rosie as May

April 17: Spray poison ivy with organic herbicide, again. Mow
jousting field, again. Informal party with the jousters in the
hayloft of the barn.

April 18: Pull rest of hay out of hair. Meet with house staff to
review party menu. Check the mead in the basement. Coven meeting,
Movie Night! Bring popcorn-on-ears grown in garden last year for

April 19-21: Quicky visit to the Caribbean for deep sea fishing
with "The Boys."

April 22 : Begin receiving RSVP's for party. Mow jousting field
again. Use non-organic herbicide on poison ivy.

April 23: Inspect 18-foot imported farm-grown teak Maypole. Sand
smooth, polish to a sheen with Lady Martha of the Stewart Clan's
Personal Lubricant. Flog staff member for video-taping the polishing.

April 24: Erect Maypole in backyard. Plant petunias from Big K
around the base. Make silk ribbons for Maypole.

April 25: Wymin meeting! Get in touch with my masculine side.

April 26: Begin construction of Robe of Flowers to resemble
Bloudewedd for Beltane. Bake 25 dozen Devil's Food cakes and
freeze. Sugar 3 pounds of violets to garnish; refrigerate.

April 27: Mow jousting field. Spray poison ivy with commercial-
strength herbicide.

April 28: Begin chilling mead on imported ice block imported from
Greenland. Fold 200 cloth napkins to resemble male and female

April 29: Pick up the Dagda and Aengus in backyard circle of
stone/portal. Situate them comfortably in the hill out back.

April 30: Small ritual to celebrate the end of winter with the coven,
the Dagda, and Aengus. Do the wild thing with The Dagda and Aengus
in the bushes.

May 1: Buy mass quantities of Homeopathic Calamine lotion at Big K
and apply to rash. Hire new subcontractor to pull up poison ivy
still hiding in the bushes. Carve 60 pounds of fresh fruit to
resemble flowers.

May 2: Party! Finish flower robe by hot-gluing flower petals to silk
robe. Bathe in homeopathic calamine. Flog staff members just for the
hell of it. Take homeopathic Benadryl for itch. Arrange flowers on
top of maypole. Make 20 gallons of fresh squeezed lemonade. Have
staff strategically place Pagan Condoms throughout the house and
yard. Ride in on white mare. Greet guests. Forget took benadryl
and drink copious amounts of mead. Barf in bushes. Dance nekkid
around the maypole. Crown Al and Rosie. Jump the fire. Test Al's
fitness to be the new King of the Land.

May 3: Send Al home. Thank the gods I'm not Tipper. Bathe in
homeopathic calamine again. Start making plans for Lughnasdha.
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Could anyone recommend a really good book about writing? It's for a relative who likes Stephen King's "On Writing" and asked me to look for more.
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Larry Niven Named SFWA Damon Knight Memorial Grand Master
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Worked all night - the computer and keyboard are probably fixed enough to do the letters, reports and assessments, etc.

I was exhausted by the time I'd finished and was heading for bed at 8 a.m. when I looked out at the garden. There is snow, not very heavy but well settled.

I won't be able to go out until it thaws, because that would ruin my wheels - so if I finish the letters, etc. I won't be able to post them; that will be a 4-letter_ing nuisance! I was also right up against deadlines so things could get very tricky.
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I have just heard that Suzette Hadin Elgin was released from her final illness on 27th January 2015. I think there will be tears around the world, especially from those who knew her through her blog, [ profile] ozarque

Those who live in the hearts that they leave behind can never really die.
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Attn: My Beloved Victim,

This is to bring to your notice that I am a delegate from the United Nations to The IMF (International Monetary Fund) Africa and Asian Payment Office to refund 521 scam victims of which you are listed and approved for this payment as one of the scammed victims to be refunded from the money realized from scammers in Africa and Asia.
On this faithful recommendations, I want you to know that during the last U.N. meetings held at Addis Ababa, it was alarming so much world over in the meeting on the lost of funds by various individual to scam artist operating in syndicates all over the world today.

In other to compensate these victims, the U.N Body is now paying 521victims of which the sum of $24, 000,000.00 USD was set aside to compensate the victims each in accordance with the U.N. recommendations. Due to the corrupt and in-efficient Banking Systems in Africa and Asia, the payments are to be paid by UN officials sitting at IMF (International Monetary Fund) Africa and Asia Office as corresponding payment center under funding assistance by United Nation body.

According to the number of applicants at hand, 284 Beneficiaries has been paid, half of the victims are from the United States and Europe, and we still have more 237 spaces to be compensated. Your particulars was mentioned by one of the Syndicates who was arrested as one of their victims of the operations, you are hereby warned not to communicate or duplicate this message to him for any reason what so ever as the U.S. Secret service and INTERPOL is already on trace of the other criminals. So keep it secret till they are all apprehended. Other victims who have not been contacted can submit their application as well for scrutiny and possible consideration.

Evan Green
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In the last (private) entry I may have finally worked out why I get into a bad emotional state if I do anything against deadlines from about Oct/Nov to January.

However, there no doubt that all hell tends to break loose in my life during the same period. It's partly because officials tend to time anything financially stressful for the period around and after my birthday, but fate seems to do the same.

This year the microwave caught fire - it must have been about a week out of guarantee, and this time I managed to put the fire (and the microwave) out before the alarms went off.

Then there was a flood. I think that was just before my wheelchair fouled an electric flex and wrenched the whole socket out of the wall. The electricity appeared to be impaired (wet plaster and stripped wiring will do that) and the computer seemed to go very crazy - well, it seemed emotionally disturbed or something. It seemed to be clear of virus but I thought it might have been caught in a power surge.

Meanwhile, all the outside lights had failed. When they repaired them they also fixed a motion-operated security light that I hadn't known was there. It was incredibly bright and a falling leaf may have been enough to set it off. It came on if the smallest mouse scratched its ear in the darkness.

I have no idea why the bloody thing shone straight through my bedroom window! It also shone straight through my bedroom curtains and woke me several times a night. Dizzy exhaustion. Why do people spend money on alcohol when going without sleep has much the same effect.

Weirdly, that light may actually have helped the burglar get in unnoticed...

I've ended up with a brain like a stunned haddock.
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In Sept I went back to using a hyperactive bundle of appetites that can neither keep still or control itself to chart progress. (At least sharks can't swim backward.)


this is the latest...
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I can't believe that I caught this one!

Adopt one today!


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