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The area is being renovated and there have been roadworks directly beyond my bedroom wall for weeks. They've drilled up pavement along the wall at least twice, taken out shrubs with roots that ran under them, etc. (Wall abuts straight onto the street, no defensible space at all.) The join of walls and ceiling was cracked to start with but there is now a massive crack in my bedroom wall. I couldn't believe it. It wasn't there at noon. I found it 30 minutes ago.

Landlord has closed for the weekend. Contractors only have security man there; he advised me to call police; I did - ref. 7290 of today's date. They can't do anything.

Referred to Environmental health; 0207 361 3002; they only do noise nuisance (and will hear from me about the drilling, later.) Referred to Dangerous structures; 0207 361 3013... Got no idea where things go from here. I'm not sure if I have the vocabulary to describe this year.

Up-dated at 4a.m. Nothing seems to have fallen off, or down. Nobody has done anything about it. I'm not sure if crack is bigger; if it is it can't be by much. I'll probably find out how deep it goes if it rains.


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