Jan. 8th, 2017

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In the dream -

I was a Native American woman living alone in a small house just outside a forest. I had found valuables, just possibly in a mine (but they were more like eight live sea-pearls, lovely.) I wanted to get them into town but it was probably unsafe to walk there, and not just because of the heavy snow.

There was potential trouble with at least two cowboy/yobbo types and from at least two wild doglike/wolflike golden coloured animals with an untrustworthy range in facial expressions. They were behaving unusually aggressively, especially at night and, in the dream, I knew they were coyotes.

I don't think I've ever seen a coyote, either in a film or a zoo. Weirdly, when I finally woke up I found that Bing had given me a picture of a coyote in snow as my desktop background. I seem to have imagined them spot-on, that's the beastie from my dream.

I don't know if it would really be possible to hide pearls or jewels by loading them into a huge, rusty, geriatric six-shooter that had been dumped and rusted into the snow, (clearly worthless, I thought) and then carefully putting it back into its rusty out-line, as though it had been decaying in peace, undisturbed, for decades since the West was won (or lost, depending on one's viewpoint.)
I woke before I found out where all this was going.


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