Nov. 19th, 2016

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Looking back, I've been physically ill for pretty much the whole year. I was afraid it's old age = permanent.

That could be, but it might be connected to mobility and dexterity - plus very unsuitable equipment. Left arm and shoulder so badly damaged by crash in February that damage is still not completely healed. (At the start it felt as though I'd pulled every muscle I've ever had; I felt like crying with pain even lying down, at the start.) Anyway, most of my left hand/arm is still unfit for purpose.

Last year my left thumb was X-rayed and found to be permanently dislocated with the socket damaged and cartilage gone. I'm supposed to decide whether I want it permanently immobilised, on 28th November. Having the rest of the arm damaged immediately afterward has made it really difficult to sort out the effects; I seem to be adjusting to it but the other damage is healing, so which is due to what? I don't know the long term prognosis, so I don't know what to decide.

Both hands and arms are damaged so things have been tricky. (However, I'd bought a very expensive Toshiba laptop in the expectation of doing a lotof typing, some time ago. The thing is junk. The cursor jumped backwards, producing gibberish and striking some keys proooduuceeed muultiipple leetteers, esp. vowels.

However, I haven't been able to use anything smaller one-handed; still trying. I've been thinking about replacing that laptop for quite a while - so that's next.

I eventually realised that since it was almost useless except for surfing I might as well take drastic measures. If it went wrong it'd be no good at all for writing, which was what was wrong anyway. So I downloaded fixes and also ripped off the keys. The downloads worked.

It literally hadn't occurred to me that a brand new machine would by filthy but look clean, but that must have been part of the problems. There was quite a bit of muck under the keys, leading them to stiiick, and they'd been sticking since the first day.

I wouldn't want to do that clean-up too often. The keys have a two-part plastic thing behind them; it looks like a deckchair for fleas and it's a real challenge to reassemble. It precludes vacuuming and the bits are almost invisible once dropped.

Anyway, at the moment the laptop is fairly functional!! Looks as though I've got touchtyping back, too! (Sort of.)

Next question may be whether I can sort the word-processing software clashes.


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