Feb. 15th, 2016


Feb. 15th, 2016 04:06 pm
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Looking back over this Journal, it doesn't make clear that the collapse was probably from mid-November (my last clear memory is Christmas Day) or a bit earlier. (I think, therefore I am - but if I can't write it down am I thinking?) I missed brother's birthday by ten days - and I suspect worse during blank period; fever?

Problems during last night; cardiac?

Insulin in new pack doesn't seem to be working, either. Blood sugar 13.9 fasting - over twice the permitted maximum after a meal. (Taking day's dose now; 26u at 16.16.) May have been too ill to remember to take it reliably - even yesterdays dose.) Must start noting it and LJ may be easiest place.
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What is wrong with Amazon? I ordered something for a friend on about 3rd Feb. I think I checked on the 9th, Amazon US said most of it would be delivered March 1st (disappointing me) but now says it's all been delivered. I hope it has.

I then checked the Christmas presents for that address. According to Amazon I ordered those on 15th Dec 2015 and they delivered them on 10th Dec. 2015 ... (I wonder what they charge for the time machines? Do they sell used Tardis?) however, that's the US.

Here Amazon somehow glitched and changed the delivery address for my medical stuff to my SIL's address, during December, while I was too ill to notice.

SIL thought she had a stalker with a strange sense of humour until I realised what was happening and contacted her. Unfortunately she then returned the stuff to the senders by giving it to the postman instead of sending it to me. None of it has been credited as returned.

16th Feb - ETA Insulin 26u, 15.00 hours. Slept from approx 16.30 to 19.30, tested blood 20.52 - blood sugar 10.8, it's not falling. I'm messing everything up.


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